I recently remodeled my kitchen using Wrap MK, and am very satisfied with the result. As such, I’d like to cover other surfaces, like my kitchen table and headboard, but I have no more of the material. Can I order some in lesser quantities?

Absolutely. Simply communicate with us via. telephone or e-mail, and we will gladly help you with any specific needs you may have.

I am unsure which Wrap MK colour to choose. I would like to look at the colours more closely, as I am afraid of making the wrong decision. What can I do?

First, we suggest you order the sample booklet at a cost of 15$ (shipping included). With the samples in hand, it will be easier to assess colour choice with your surroundings. A 15$ rebate, will be given against the cost of your next order of 429$ and more.

I’m ready to place my order, but I want to be sure I’ve got everything I need to begin installation, first. What do I need?

Everything you need is included with your orders. The only extra tool you will need to be sure to have outside of the set is a screwdriver for removing your kitchen cabinet doors.

I’m afraid that the material will trap air bubbles on the surface of my kitchen cabinets when I’m applying the product, something which has happened to me in the past. I want the installation to be impeccable. What should I do?

The Wrap MK product has been created specifically with this problem in mind. Because of the patented grid system under the surface of the material, air bubbles can easily be pushed out of the material, leaving behind a smooth, flawless surface.

My melamine cabinet doors have defects in certain areas. Will Wrap MK successfully cover these imperfections?

The Wrap MK glossy line will cover these flaws the least effectively; however, the matt colours do a great job in just these types of situations, specifically the Wood grain and Textured lines.

How long does it take to cover a standard-sized kitchen?

2 persons should plan for approximately 6 to 10 hours hours depending of your kitchen design.

In the video, you are shown covering a dishwasher. How difficult is this to accomplish?

It is quite easy to cover the surface of a dishwasher, and the result is amazing.

My cabinet doors aren’t smooth; they are in the shape of frames with relief design elements such as grooves and ridges. Is it still possible to use Wrap MK to cover them?

No, Wrap MK is designed specifically for smooth surfaces without grooves or ridges.

I am concerned the material will peel off over time.

Although this is a legitimate concern, Wrap MK has been designed to last several years, and should do so if the surface of your cabinet is properly cleaned and installation adequately executed.

What kind of upkeep is required for newly installed Wrap MK surfaces?

You can clean the Wrap MK surfaces with cleaning products already on the market.

I am not particularly handy, which is making me hesitant to cover my kitchen using Wrap MK. What can you do to assure me that my skills are adequate?

If you are able to repaint a piece of furniture using a single colour, you should be capable of installing Wrap MK without a problem, as the level of skill required is approximately the same.

Can I use Wrap MK on countertops?

We do not recommend using Wrap MK for kitchen counters; however, bathroom counters lend themselves very well to the product.

Can you refer us to professionals for the installation process?

As mentioned above, installing the Wrap MK is quite easy, but if the process seems too arduous or time-consuming, we will gladly recommend someone to help you—just send as an e-mail with your request.

What type of preparation is necessary for the installation of Wrap MK?

For successful installation of the product, it is important to thoroughly clean your cabinet doors with a product that adequately removes grease and dirt first.

In your purchasing section, you do not require the dimensions of the insides of my cabinet doors. Does this mean I won’t have enough material to cover the insides?

The package that you will receive is based on your real measures on which we add, according to our experienses, a fair percentage that will assure you to have enough material to complete your project. If you wish to cover the inside of your cabinet doors, please contact us.

Do you deliver world-wide?

We deliver everywhere in Canada and the United States within a few days. If you are ordering from outside of Canada and the U.S., communicate with us via. e-mail.

Do your prices include shipping & delivery?

Yes, on all orders of 409$ or more.