What material is the Wrap MK made from and is it resistant ?

The Wrap MK is made of PVC, this material is made to be durable and resistant to heat, scratches and humidity.  Wrap MK comes with a 5 year warranty against discoloration and a 5 year warranty against peeling when installed by one of our certified professionals.

I recently remodeled my kitchen using Wrap MK, and am very satisfied with the result. As such, I’d like to cover other surfaces, like my nightstand and headboard, but I have no more of the material. Can I order some in lesser quantities ?

Absolutely, there is no minimum quantity to order.  Simply communicate with us via telephone or email, we will gladly help you with any specific needs you may have.

What are the widths of the rolls, i’m scared the joints/seams will be visible ?

Wrap MK comes in 48 inches wide roll.  The wood finishes come with the pattern throughout the length of the roll.

I recently remodeled my kitchen using Wrap MK, and am very satisfied with the result. As such, I’d like to cover other surfaces, like my nightstand and headboard, but I have no more of the material. Can I order some in lesser quantities ?

Absolutely, there is no minimum quantity to order.  Simply communicate with us via telephone or email, we will gladly help you with any specific needs you may have.

I’m unsure which Wrap MK color to choose. I would like to take a closer look. I’m afraid to make the wrong decision. What can I do?

First, we suggest you order the sample booklet at a cost of $20+tax (shipping included).  With the samples in hand, it will be easier to access color choice with your surroundings and see the various options available.  Please note that the $20 is refundable on any project of $500 or more.

It is also possible to order the trial kit for two doors ($50+taxes). This will allow you to compare two colors and test your ability to do the installation yourself

Where can I see your product and where are your stores located ?

Currently, we have a showroom in Florida, Longueuil and in Quebec city with different styles of kitchens as well as cabinets and boxes covered in all available colors. Additionally, we are currently working on opening a new branch in Toronto in April 2022.

Otherwise we invite you to order your sample booklet as suggested previously.

I’m ready to place my order, but I want to be sure that I have all the tools necessary to begin the installation. What do I need ?

When you receive the Wrap MK box, the following will be included:

  • ample material for your project (doors, cabinets, kick plates, etc);
  • edgebanding for contouring;
  • tools necessary for installation:  precision cutter, scissors, felt squeegee and the instruction manual.

The only additional tools you will need are a screwdriver for removing kitchen cabinet doors as well as handles and a measuring tape.  We suggest you use a degreaser to clean the surfaces prior to installation

I’m afraid that the material will trap air bubbles on the surface of my kitchen cabinets when applying the product, something that has happened to me in the past. I want the installation to be impeccable. What should I do ?

The Wrap MK product has been created specifically to avoid this problem.  The adhesive side of the material has a patented grid that serves as channels to evacuate the air, it then becomes easy to remove the air bubbles with a simple touch.  In addition, the use of the felt will burst all the micro-beads of glue which guarantees maximum adhesion.

My melamine cabinet doors have defects in certain areas. Will Wrap MK successfully cover these imperfections ?

Our product is designed for smooth surfaces that are not too damaged, without too many imperfections.  

The matte colors reduce imperfections. The wood finish and the textured are the most effective in these situations. The least effective are the glossy finishes.

Will the Wrap MK stick properly if I want to apply it in the washroom ?

Yes, Wrap MK is designed with moisture-resistant technology.  Just make sure that the surface is not damp at the time of application and be assured that the product will adhere.

My melamine cabinets have been painted, can I apply Wrap MK on it ?

Yes, Wrap MK will adhere to the paint.  Although painted melamine leaves a certain relief, a matte color or wood finish is advised.

How long does it take to cover a standard-sized kitchen ?

A two person job,  plan 6-10 hours depending on the layout of your kitchen.

Does the Wrap MK adhere to drywall or MDF ?

On a drywall that has never been painted, it is necessary to apply a coat of primer so that the Wrap MK adheres well. On an MDF wall, the surface should be smooth and it is important to make sure to clean the surface if it contains traces of wood dust.

I saw a dishwasher being covered in one of your videos. How difficult is this to accomplish ?

Yes, and the result is impressive.  The wrap is available in 30 colors, including various metal finishes that strongly resemble household appliances made of stainless steel.  We have also recently developed two new colors to match the new dark stainless colors appliances “Black Stainless” and “Gunpowder”.

The surface of my cabinet doors is not smooth, they have encased frames with an embossed design… is it still possible to use Wrap MK to cover them ?

No, the MK Wrap is designed to cover flat surfaces, no embossing or moldings.  However, the wood grain pattern of the melamine cabinet is not a problem.  Know that we can now manufacture doors for approximately $50 each.The doors, cabinets and kick plates are then covered with the Wrap MK color of your choice.

I’m afraid the Wrap MK will start to peel over time.

The Wrap MK is designed to last for many years.  The secret to a proper adhesion is to thoroughly clean the surfaces to remove any dirt or grease. Then, simply make sure that the application is done with the help of the felt that will be provided.

How do I maintain my new surfaces? What kind of cleaning products should I use ?

You can clean the new surfaces with regular cleaning household products available on the market.

Does Wrap MK come off if I want to remove it in a few years to change for a newer, or modernized color ?

Yes, the Wrap MK can be removed from the surface with a little time.  The glue is designed to stay on the back of the material and you will find your original surface without any residue and in good condition.

I know of someone who applied this kind of product in their kitchen some time ago and the surfaces were damaged.

Our Wrap MK has been specially patented with high quality and highly evolved material.  Dura & Smart Wrap technology is a durable, high-end PVC sticker that is resistant to various sources such as moisture and scratches.

Do you have a 3D visualization program to redo my kitchen with two different colors, I would like to be certain of my choice before confirming the order.

We are very concerned about technological advances and our customers requests.  We are currently working on a program to provide a system to better meet the needs of our clients.  

We have several consulting specialists and a designer who can advise and assist you for free.  We invite you to look at the different projects we have done under the Achievements tab.  You can also see great before/after photos on our Facebook Wrap my Kitchen page.

I have children who often play in the kitchen and I’m afraid they will scratch the Wrap MK.

Wrap MK is made of PVC, a durable and scratch resistant material.

I am not very good with my hands, which is making me hesitant on covering my kitchen with Wrap MK. Can you assure me that my skills are adequate ?

We believe that if you are capable of painting a room in your home in a single color, installing Wrap MK should not be a problem.  We invite you to view a short demo video on our Facebook page.

Can I use Wrap MK on countertops ?

We do not recommend using Wrap MK for kitchen counters.  However, we have done the experience on bathroom counters and the result is outstanding.

Can you refer us to professionals for the installation process ?

As mentioned above, installing Wrap MK is relatively easy, but if the process appears to be arduous or time-consuming we will gladly recommend a professional. Simply send us an email with your request.  We offer a 5 year warranty when installed by our professionals.  Please allow 3 to 5 weeks for the service of a certified installer.

Can walls be covered, or will the joints/seams be visible ?

When Wrap MK is applied to a wall the result is outstanding even if there will be a joint every 4 feet, it will be difficult to see. However the installation on a large surface is more difficult to do.  If you wish to cover a large wall, we suggest you use one of our certified installers.

What type of preparation is necessary for the installation of Wrap MK ?

For a successful installation, it is important to thoroughly clean with a good product that removes the grease and dirt that may have adhered to the surface over time.  Wrap MK should not be applied to a wet surface.  If you have decided to change your door handles, allow enough time for  the wood filler to dry.

In your purchasing section, you do not require the dimensions of my door interiors. Does this mean that I will not have enough material to do the inside of the cabinet doors ?

Rest assured you will have ample material to carry out your project.  The material you will receive takes into account the measurements you provided with an added percentage which, in our experience, ensures that you will not run out of material.  In case of error, Wrap MK will send you the additional material needed for your project free of charge.

If you wish to cover the door interiors let us know, we will calculate the extra 50% needed.

How long will it take to receive my order ?

When the order is completed and the payment is accepted, you Wrap MK order will be delivered to you within 3 business days.

Do you deliver world-wide ?

We deliver everywhere in Canada and the United States within a few days.  If you wish to order outside of North America please communicate with us via email.

Do your prices include shipping & delivery ?

Shipping is included on all orders of $500 or more. Otherwise, we apply a $30+ tax shipping fee.