Vinyl, no bubbles !

Vinyl, no bubbles!

The sticker is a nice material to transform shelves and cabinets or kitchen backsplash for a limited budget, I tested this week a new product, Wrap my kitchen. My record? Pretty amazing!

Installation is really easy thanks to its adhesive surface that contains a patented grid that serves exhaust air channel. At home, I took the opportunity to perform a mini makeover my little walk-in closet. As I am an impatient and skeptical nature, I cannot wait to see if there would bubble … Well no, in 20 minutes all the shelves were covered nicely. Here is what happens

This new offer his product on the Internet. It roughly costs $ 500 to cover a medium sized kitchen. With vinyl, Wrap my kitchen sends some tools to facilitate the work. Vinyl is good quality, washable, and the range of colors and materials imitation trend is appealing.

Product Wrap my kitchen is guaranteed five years against fading and one year for the glue. It can be applied to any smooth surface.

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