Dare Blue!

It’s time to change! Do like Stefany Leduc and dare blue for a trendy kitchen 2020! ???

Keep the beautiful look of your shaker doors by changing only their color!

Evoking deep, rich and dramatic elements, the blue will bring you closer to natural elements such as the sea and the sky.

The indigo blue brings to mind both the constant and the classic; the sky at dusk, an impeccably tailored suit, serene waters, or a bowl of perfectly ripe blueberries.


Trends change with the seasons, but blue is one of those timeless shades that never go out of style.

Named color of the year 2020 by Pantone and Sico, cobalt blue is invited in our interiors and gives a luxurious atmosphere to all the rooms of the house.

This bold, inspiring and stimulating color will bring spaces to life for those who want to illuminate their world with the brilliance of exceptionally pure colors, integrating a generous tranquility into your space.

The blue will be all the more appreciated that it is a shade sum all very easy to arrange in all the rooms of the house. It blends harmoniously with mineral tones as well as more neutral hues such as creamy shades like our WMK-044 or classic matte white WMK-052!



In interior decoration, it can serve as a baseline, much like black, from which other more experimental colors can play. Classic blue captures light to create a contrast that makes it beautiful to showcase other materials such as countertops, faucets or appliances. And since it’s good old blue, pieces of this color should not go out of fashion quickly.


This is undoubtedly a very versatile color that will enhance any decor with brass handles versus stainless.

Finally, contrary to what one might imagine, it is a color that can very well be integrated in a clean and Scandinavian decor. I love this color for a kitchen. It is timeless in my opinion and can easily adapt to several styles.

✅ Installation in only 3 days
✅ No dust and, no noise and no permit
✅ 5-year warranty
✅ Turnkey project

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