Option 1: Get an estimate for your project using a photo!

Just send us a photo of your kitchen or bathroom to know the approximate cost of your project and compatibility of our finishes with your surfaces.

You will need to provide the exact measurements to order the product. This option gives you a rough estimate.

Kitchen project
Average value based on size

Bathroom project
Average value based on size

If you are experiencing any issue uploading your files or if you get an error message, please email your photos to info@wrapmykitchen.com for a quote.

Option 2: Take the exact measurements and place your order

Calculate the entire surface area to be covered as shown below. Multiply the length by the height to obtain square inches and round up.


Height: Measurement = 29.75”/rounded= 30”
Width: Measurement = 77.25”/rounded= 78”
Surface area: Measurement = 30” x 78”/rounded= 2.340 square inches

  • Do not forget the sides to be covered
  • Do not account for a loss
  • Orders are placed in square inches
  • Take the measurements in square inches for each finish

A + B+ C+ D = Total surface area in square inches
Specify the measurement for each of your colours and we will add an extra percentage to ensure that you have more than enough material for your full project.
If you wish also to cover the insides of your cabinet doors, please advise us.

Download calculation sheet