Refresh your kitchen easily

Refresh your kitchen easily

credit Muramur

Looking for a product to refresh your kitchen for less? This is what offers Wrap my kitchen team. I find it interesting product, so I invited one of the founders of the company at home in order to “wrap” my dishwasher! Tested in my kitchen!

Here are the simple steps to install their product.

First, clean the surface with a degreaser or a mixture of water and white vinegar

Then, after cutting the vinyl in the desired dimensions, removing a portion of the film to expose the adhesive. Press gently with your hands to properly bond the film. When cutting, make sure to keep 1 to 2 inches of extra all around. The ease of installation is that the bubbles are few and easy to remove. In my case, I simply took them away with my hands. I did not need any tools! Finally, finalize the installation by cutting the excess with a utility knife and then admire your new dishwasher red fireman!

It is a rather simple product: it is a self-adhesive vinyl film is available in a variety of colors and textures. So far nothing really extraordinary, you might say, and you are right! The secret remains in the simplicity of installation and durability of the product.

The product is designed for kitchen cabinets, but it can cover many other things. For example, you could give a little sparkle to your garage or covered with old pipes! The price is also very interesting. You will need to provide about $ 500 for a kitchen of 10 feet by 10 feet. In short, this is an economical, efficient and good home! Good reno!


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