Wrap MK, a kitchen remolding product, easy and inexpensive

Wrap MK, a kitchen remolding product, easy and inexpensive

A Translation from the original French text of Diane St-Onge – Cité Boomers

Wrap My kitchen is a Quebec company that caters to markets DECORATION, the RELOOKING and HOME STAGING. It offers a new approach to the concept of vinyl Wrap MK, a highly resistant coating for covering the kitchen cabinet doors, bathroom or garage, appliances and even furniture. Unleash your imagination and Wrap MK® will do the rest!

  • In addition to its durability (the product is guaranteed for 5 years against fading and 1 year for glue), installation of MK® Wrap is easy thanks to its adhesive surface that has a patented grid that serves exhaust air channel. No more bubbles!
  • Easy to maintain, the material is washable with most cleaning products on the market available in a choice of colors very “Trend” with matte finishes, glossy or textured
  • Vinyl Wrap MK® is applied to any smooth surface such as melamine, etc.
  • Avoid the astronomical costs associated with the purchase or replacement / resurfacing your cabinet doors / cabinets! Avoid drawbacks: no demolition, no sanding, no painting!
  • Prices vary depending on the area you have to cover! Revamp from only $ 429.00! Can not decide between two different colors or textures? Order our sample kit for only $ 15.00 (shipping included) including the full range of vinyl Wrap MK® and see for yourself the variety of options at low cost. WRAP WITH MK TRANSFORMATION IS QUICK, EASY AND NOT EXPENSIVE! For more information, visit the website at www.wrapmacuisine.com.



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