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SmartWrap technology

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SmartWrap is a technology exclusive to WMK.

We have achieved the perfect balance between the thickness of our wrap and its ability to evacuate air upon application. With SmartWrap, it is possible to apply the product yourself without having to hire a professional.

Most of us know what it can be like to apply even a simple sticker to a flat surface: The air bubbles and folds form rapidly, and we are often let down by the result. In order to effectively cover large surfaces, we tasked our research team to develop a high-quality covering that would be easy to apply. The fruit of many hours of research and testing has led to SmartWrap technology: a technology that is so efficient it can be applied by anyone to large surfaces. The result is no bubbles, no folds, just a beautiful appearance.

SmartWrap adhesive is activated by the ambient air. Adhesion is facilitated by the evacuation of air between the remodeled surface and the wrap upon installation. Full adhesion is reached after a few hours, making it possible to reposition the wrap during installation without damaging most surfaces. We thought you might like this feature.

Don’t wait any longer: Restore your kitchen’s lustre today! Don’t settle for imitations, which can damage your surfaces. Get the unequalled original: WMK.

Wrap My Kitchen - svg+xml;charset=utf