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The Wrap on Technology

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WMK uses DuraWrap technology to produce its various finishes.

A proven technology backed by many years of research. Our adhesive wraps combine elegance and durability at a fraction of the cost of the materials they recreate.

Designed for kitchens and bathrooms, our product is proven to endure normal usage conditions. The multilayer process of our wraps assures you sturdy resistance and bestows an impressively realistic finish and depth. Our adhesive wraps are easy to apply and can be installed on any smooth and clean surface with ease.

Our series of wood grain and textured finishes will conceal the imperfections of your aging kitchen. While matt colours will attenuate the imperfections, glossy colours will conceal them less. WMK will restore a fresh new look in kitchens over 25 years old.

Don’t wait any longer. Restore your kitchen’s vitality today! Don’t settle for imitations, which can damage your surfaces. Get the unequalled original: WMK.

Wrap My Kitchen - svg+xml;charset=utf