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5 year limited warranty when using our certified installers

We give 5 years limited warranty on the product on the discoloration of the product and 5 years limited warranty against peeling if customers use our WMK certified installers.

The limited warranty when using our certified installers does not cover scratching and peeling caused by:

  • Accidental dropping or banging of any object against the cabinet surface wrapped (i.e. Kitchen Knives, pots and pants, etc.)
  • Repetitive sliding or scraping of an object across the cabinet surface wrapped (i.e. slide-out drawers, trash cans, pet damage, rubbing the vacuum cleaner against the surface cabinet wrapped, etc.)
  • Structural cracks that may appear over time from cabinet repairs, settling, etc.

This limited warranty covers discoloration and peeling only (with exceptions indicated above) and does not cover neither any water damage, nor any damage resulting from abuse, negligence, misuse or improper cleaning products (I.e. Bleach etc.).